How far will Trump and his rabble go?

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Trump is stepping up his futile and pathetic efforts to overturn the election results. His defeat detached him further from reality, enraging and embittering this evil, desperate and dangerous narcissist even more.

Trump has spoken several times in the White House in recent days with deranged lawyer Sidney Powell and his disrupted former national security adviser General Michael Flynn.

Powell believes that late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and the CIA rigged the election, a theory so far-fetched that Trump himself rejected it until recently. Flynn obtained a presidential pardon from Trump, saving him from jail for lying to the FBI.

Trump boycots Biden and takes the oath himself?

The insane duo discussed with Trump the idea of ​​seizing the voting machines and declaring martial law in key states won by Joe Biden, where the military would take charge of holding a new election. Trump would appoint Powell as special advisor to investigate the non-existent voter fraud that gave Biden the victory.

Even Trump’s most servile henchmen, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Bill Barr, have distanced themselves from his insanities.

The Pentagon also felt it necessary to warn that it would not participate in such madness: “There is no role for the United States military in determining the outcome of an American election,” the secretary said. the Army, Ryan McCarthy, and the Chief of the Land Staff, General James McConville.

Several media outlets report that Trump intends to boycott Biden’s swearing-in to announce, on January 20, the launch of his campaign to take over the White House in 2024. His political action committee “Save America” ​​launched last month, has already raised more than $ 200 million.

Some of his more deranged supporters even encourage him to hold a parallel swearing-in ceremony. Normal. They are convinced that he won.

It won’t be the start of a new era

These warning signs of upcoming disruption have dampened the party mood for Democrats, now gripped by a sense of worry. They are not the only ones. White House staff are also expressing apprehension about Trump’s deteriorating mental state.

The serious political, cultural, regional and social tensions that divide Americans date back to well before Trump, which is ultimately only the most obvious and deleterious symptom. They will not miraculously disappear on January 20. There will be no return to normal.

The political situation may even worsen. Will there still be someone around him to calm Trump down when the far-right media Fox, Newsmax and OAN encourage his provocations and propagate his conspiracy theories, comforting over seventy million Americans in their silly beliefs?

The “detrumpization” of the United States is not for tomorrow. How long before Trump’s followers escape the quasi-religious mystique that bewitches them? Ten years ? Fifteen ?

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