How Can You Use Green Screen: Some Great Tips to Use a Green Screen 

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A green screen is one type of backdrop on which an image could be shot where the background can be superimposed in a separate scene. The process through which the background is changed is known as chroma keying. The process is also known as simply keying, color keying, or chroma key compositing.

Green screen technology is one of the most important parts of the chroma key effect, which allow the filmmakers and editors to isolate the subject from the photo or video and then create a different background during the post-production process. Green screen background will help the editors implement GFX in any movie.

Why the Color of the Green Screen Background is Green?

The green screen background creates a green backdrop that can easily be removed during the post-production process. The editors can command the computer to remove all the colors of the photos and videos except green. Even though the special effect is not limited by any color, green is the most effective one as it doesn’t overlap with the human skin tone. However, if some scenes or the clothes of the subject are green, the green screen will fail to work as the computer will also remove the essential green. If the green screen is not relevant, filmmakers use a blue screen background.

How Can You Use the Green Screen Background? 

Now that you’ve purchased the green screen background, it’s time to use the green screen effectively. Here are some ways you can use the green screen background.

Set Up the Green Screen 

Make sure you hang the green screen from a frame properly so that it will cover the whole background of the subject. The green screen needs to be as flat as possible. If there are tears and wrinkles, you will face problems in the post-production process. If the green screen has been stored or folded for a long time, you can smooth the wrinkles and creases with an iron. Also, if you don’t want to handle the wrinkles, make sure you choose green screen background with a wrinkle-resistant matte screen.

Focus on the Right Lighting 

Many people assume that the more light they use on the subject, the more creative they can become with their green screen background. As per Mark Brion, light is a crucial factor in creating successful image. However, you cannot edit the image properly if you only focus on the lighting of the subject. In other words, you need to create a separate lighting setup for the green screen too. Otherwise, the green screen will look dull on the camera and you will face problems while changing the background. Make sure the light hits the green screen background from above so that you can prevent causing any direction shadows. You need to use at least two 1000-watt bulbs to create the best effect.

Set Your Subject Properly 

Whether you’re using an object or a human as the subject of your image. You need to create as much as distance possible between the green screen background and the subject. If you place the subject extremely close to the green screen, you will end up creating a greenish-blue reflection.


These are some great ways you can use green screen background. Make sure you contact us if you need high-quality green screen background.