Houston police make arrest after bar employee attacked over mask request: report

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Houston police have arrested a suspect in connection with a violent attack Monday night against a bar employee who claimed he had asked a customer to wear a face mask while inside the business because of the coronavirus, according to a report.

The suspect, whom authorities identified as Patrick Kelly, 32, has been charged with assault and bodily injury, police Chief Art Acevedo wrote in a Twitter message.

The bar employee, Josh Vaughan, has worked security at the Grand Prize Bar in the city’s Museum District off-and-on for nearly seven years, Houston’s FOX 26 reported.

On Monday night, the customer appeared to grow frustrated after repeatedly being asked to put a mask on, Vaughan told the station.

After the third request, the patron allegedly came out of the restroom, ran toward Vaughan and smashed a whiskey glass on his head, the report said. Vaughan said he began bleeding profusely and had to be taken to a hospital.


Earlier this week, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner called for the suspect to be arrested and charged, calling the incident “foolishness.” On Thursday, the mayor announced the arrest on Twitter and reminded residents to wear masks “or stay home.”

Vaughan said he underwent a CT scan after the alleged attack and now has 10 stitches in his head. In addition, he also claims he has a constant headache, he told FOX 26.

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