Honorary lawyer said that Efremov is in the hands of a charlatan

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Honorary Lawyer of Russia Alexander Ostrovsky spoke on the air of the NSN about the strategy of defense of Mikhail Efremov in court. He called the artist a victim of his defender Elman Pashayev.

“This only worsens the attitude of the court towards Efremov, because he denies the obvious things,” the lawyer said. In his opinion, if he had admitted guilt, it would have become a mitigating circumstance for a conditional conviction or receiving a settlement as punishment.

The lawyer clarified that he understands everything through “the prism of the probable psychological illness of lawyer Pashayev.” According to Ostrovsky, Efremov’s defender was imprisoned for his professional activities, and was also expelled from lawyers’ chambers several times for his behavior. In this regard, the lawyer believes that the actor fell into the hands of a charlatan.

On the evening of June 8, Efremov, driving his car, crossed a double continuous line on Smolenskaya Square, ended up in the oncoming lane, where he crashed into a van. The driver, a courier of one of the online stores, Sergei Zakharov, was taken to the hospital with a closed head injury, after which the man died.

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