Holidays in DPR schools announced and canceled an hour later

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Exactly one hour after Order No. 1344 appeared on the website of the DPR Ministry of Education, which postponed the autumn holidays to October 5, the information was deleted. The Order was replaced by a short piece of news: “Draft orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of 02.10.2020, No. 1344 and No. 1345 on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science were placed by mistake.”

Parents of schoolchildren have not yet had time to understand whether to be happy with them or upset, as the situation has changed dramatically. Some, especially judicious ones, decided not to tell the children that they had at least three weeks of rest ahead of them. And they did not lose.

A similar situation occurred in March of the last academic year before the spring break. The schools then received conflicting instructions several times. The final decision to start early spring break was made late at night.

MK-Donbass continues to monitor the situation.

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