Hesse’s Transport Minister on the requirement to wear a mask: “We are not a police state”

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Wearing masks on buses and trains is a must, but often ignored. This is why many are calling for a stricter law. Instead, Transport Minister Tarek al-Wazir appealed to the common sense of the citizens. “We are not a police state, and we do not want to be, – said the politician of the Greens. “We rely on the prudence of most people.”

Al-Wazir objected to self-proclaimed critics of the Crown that the obligation to wear a mask is not a panacea. “However, this has something to do with the fact that we still have a pandemic and need to be as vigilant as possible to contain the spread of the coronavirus ”. Inspectors are advised to ensure that “those who do not wear masks leave the bus and train”.

Against the background of the fact that over the past day the number of people infected with coronavirus in Germany has increased by 1,045 people, the observance of precautions is becoming more relevant than ever.

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