Heating costs in new buildings may rise by 30%

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Owners of apartments in new buildings run the risk of paying 15-30% more for heating than others. This can happen if a new resolution of the Ministry of Construction on energy efficiency of buildings is approved. It implies the simplification of many regulations and requirements, experts told Izvestia. The document was not approved by the Ministry of Energy. The project, in fact, contradicts the energy efficiency plan developed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The document is intended to reduce the cost of construction by 10-15%, said Stanislav Shcheglov, head of the Energy Efficiency of Buildings department at Technonikol.

Simplifying the rules could encourage developers to use less expensive building materials, architectural and engineering solutions that conserve energy, said Alexander Fadeev, an adviser to the State Duma Committee on Energy.

“As a result, citizens’ expenses for heating in new houses may increase by 20-30% – by heat meters or by increasing the general standards,” he predicted.

The Ministry of Energy did not agree on the draft resolution of the Ministry of Construction (Izvestia has a copy of the document). The document says that the department is concerned about the primitivization of regulation, the reduction of requirements and the abandonment of priority rules for energy efficiency.

The Ministry of Construction has developed a project to replace government decree No. 18 on the rules for establishing requirements for energy efficiency of buildings (dated January 25, 2011). Within the framework of the regulatory guillotine, it is proposed to declare it invalid.

More details – in the exclusive material of Izvestia:

Cold is not aunt: heating costs in new buildings may rise by 30%

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