Head of Staff Babariko appeals to Belarusian security officials and opposition

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Maria Kolesnikova, head of the election headquarters of Viktor Babariko, who was previously detained in Belarus, recorded a video message to the authorities of the republic and the nation. The video was published on social networks.

In her speech, she said that the country’s authorities should listen to the citizens who took to the streets. She asked the protesters to take care of themselves and those around them. Similar appeals were previously published by Veronika Tsepkalo and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Of this female trio, only Kolesnikova herself remained on the territory of Belarus.

“It hurts us to look at what is happening in our country. We ask the authorities not to ignore the will of the people. Do not drown her with water cannons, do not stun her with grenades, do not mutilate with bullets and do not beat her with a truncheon, ”she stressed.

She pointed out that “ordinary citizens who want changes” take to the streets of Belarusian cities.

“It is difficult for the current government to admit that it is not illusory foreign puppeteers who want changes, but ordinary Belarusians. The authorities must find strength and face the will of the people, ”she added.

Earlier, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the protesters are sheep, led by the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic.

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