Head of French Polynesia met with Macron to contract coronavirus

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The President of French Polynesia, Edouard Fritsch, who recently met in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron, fell ill with the coronavirus. This was reported by the Fritsch administration.

Fritsch’s wife, who traveled to Paris with him, also passed the test, she was healthy, TASS reports.

On October 8, Fritsch met with Macron, as well as with French Prime Minister Jean Castex and Minister for Overseas Territories Sebastien Lecorneu. At the same time, three days before leaving for Paris, he passed an analysis, and that was negative.

The condition of the 68-year-old politician is not a cause for concern, doctors said.

Earlier in October, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that only a highly effective and affordable coronavirus vaccine could bring humanity back to normal.

Earlier, Gates said that the coronavirus pandemic will most likely end in 2022. According to him, he expects the approval of the American vaccine against the new infection by early 2021. If this happens, then by the summer of 2021 the US will begin to return to normal life, and in 2022 the pandemic will decline.

The Gates Charitable Foundation is currently donating $ 650 million to fight the coronavirus. This became the largest donation among independent foundations.

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