Harris learned about Biden’s proposal 90 minutes before the official announcement

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Senator from the state of California Kamala Harris received an offer to become a candidate for US vice-presidency from the most probable US presidential candidate from the Democrats Joseph Biden 1.5 hours before the official announcement. This was announced on Tuesday, August 11 by CNN.

Sources close to Biden told the channel that the call came to Harris about 90 minutes before the Democrat announced her nomination for the post. Biden and Harris are scheduled to perform for the first time on August 12. It will take place in Wilmington, Delaware.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump was surprised by the choice of Harris as the candidate for the post of US Vice President from the Democrats. The American leader recalled that the Senator from California spoke weakly during the Democratic primaries. The head of the White House added that Harris “said terrible things about Sleepy Joe (Biden – Ed.)” And it is difficult for him to imagine how he chose her.

Biden said Tuesday that he had selected California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. He recalled that Harris worked closely with his son Beau when she served as California’s attorney general.

Harris was previously Biden’s rival for the Democratic presidential nomination. In December 2019, she announced her retirement from the race. She later came out in support of Biden.

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