Hard Bass School co-founder explains plagiarism charges against Little Big

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The St. Petersburg band Hard Bass School has filed a lawsuit against their colleagues from Little Big, accusing them of plagiarism. Co-founder of Hard Bass School Val Toletov told about this in an interview with the site kp.ru.

According to him, listeners have repeatedly noticed the similarities in the compositions of both groups. In particular, Toletov noted, he heard the bass track from the track “Once, once, once, this is hardbass” in the composition Little Big Pop on the top, as well as “Boys are laughing”.

“I don’t want to go into technical details, in short, this is the development of intellectual property and losses under pressure from a more publicized artist,” the artist specified.

The co-founder of Hard Bass School added that it is not yet known how the case will be conducted. The claim for 12 million rubles was filed through the mail. The musicians have not received any feedback yet.

Toletov explained the amount of compensation by the fact that making your own software for tracks is always expensive. It is also quite difficult to create.

As noted by the Zvezda TV channel, the performer claims that it was he who invented musical flash mobs when a song or dance goes viral.

According to the music expert Yaroslav Paromonov, a case of plagiarism may indeed be initiated, but it will not be easy to prove one’s case, and the courts will take a long time, notes the “360” TV channel.

As NSN reminds, the Little Big rave group was supposed to represent Russia at Eurovision in 2020 with the song Uno, but the competition was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In early August, the organizers of the event announced that the video for the song became the most viewed in the history of the Eurovision channel on YouTube. To date, it has collected 143 million views.

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