Hannity hammers Biden after Democrat’s latest race-related gaffe

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Sean Hannity hammers Biden after Democrat’s latest race-related gaffe 
Sean Hannity blasted Joe Biden during the monologue of Thursday night’s edition of “Hannity,” saying the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has become an “unmitigated disaster” after his latest gaffe, in which Biden tried to compare the nation’s African-American and Latino communities.

“He looks extremely weak, even from his basement bunker,” Hannity said of Biden, “with the lightest possible schedule of any presidential candidate in history. He is struggling — and struggling big-time.”

During an interview with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), Biden rebuked CBS correspondent Errol Barnett for asking him if he had taken a cognitive test, saying it was akin to Biden asking Barnett if he was using cocaine.

Biden later sparked outage when NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked whether Biden would “re-engage” with Cuba as president, a move that would be almost certain to rile Cuban-American voters in Florida.

In his response, Biden referred to Latino voters as “an incredibly diverse community,” leaving some listeners with the impression that he meant African-Americans were less so — thus prompting Biden to issue a clarification later. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON OUR TOP STORY.

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– Ben Shapiro warns Biden ‘falling apart’ after bizarre interview, would be ‘ripped up and down’ if Republican
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Ohio governor misses Trump visit after testing positive for coronavirus — then tests negative later
Hours after testing positive for the coronavirus Thursday, forcing him to miss a visit to the state from President Trump, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested again — this time with a negative result, his office reported.

Instead of meeting with the president in Cleveland, DeWine returned to the state capital of Columbus to undergo another test — a so-called PCR test that his office said was “extremely sensitive, as well as specific, for the virus.”

The governor’s wife, Fran DeWine, and staff members also reportedly tested negative.

“The PCR tests for the Governor, First Lady, and staff were run twice,” a statement from DeWine’s office said. “They came back negative the first time and came back negative when they were run on a second diagnostic platform.” CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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– Ohio gov insists mask mandate for seven ‘red counties’ will make ‘huge difference’ to slow COVID-19 spread

Dan Crenshaw blasts Teen Vogue columnist for seeking end to private property
U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, blasted Teen Vogue columnist Kandist Mallett on Thursday over a July essay in which Mallett called for the eventual end of private property rights.

“Teen Vogue publishes oped that says we should abolish private property rights…along with those pesky police,” Crenshaw wrote on Twitter.

Mallett, who has focused on the nation’s racial injustice protests in recent columns, centered her argument around those struggling financially during the coronavirus pandemic — specifically, those having trouble paying rent or dealing with eviction notices.

“Just wondering if anyone sees any issues with our next generation reading Marxist propaganda in popular teen magazines…?” Crenshaw continued. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins’ ex-aide pleads guilty in lawmaker’s murder
– New York AG seeks to dissolve NRA in new lawsuit
– ACLU launches push to free 50,000 inmates from US prisons in response to ‘systemic injustice’
– Illinois district includes students of color in groups with first chance at in-person learning: report
– Lori Vallow will be charged in death of her ex-husband within 4-6 months, police confirm
– Guacamole-maker mishap in NY state kills former mayor, injures 2 others: report
– Georgia students reportedly punished for posting photos of crowded hallways as schools reopen

– Trump signs executive order banning TikTok in 45 days
– Mortgage rates fall to record low for eighth time in 2020
– Florida governor says unemployment system was designed to be a ‘total failure’


Tucker Carlson says America is a different country today than it was seven months ago on New Year’s morning. On that day, he says, America felt politically volatile at the start of a presidential election year, but it still felt “fundamentally American.” That feeling, he says, soon changed dramatically with the arrival of the coronavirus.

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