Gunzburg spoke about the effect of protein on the production of antibodies to COVID-19

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The amount of protein consumed affects the formation of antibodies to COVID-19, including in people who have received the vaccine. This was announced on Saturday, December 26, by the director of the N.F. Gamaleya Center Alexander Gintsburg.

“The amount of protein food (the amount of protein) greatly affects the production of antibodies, because the process of producing antibodies is energetically demanding, therefore the supply of the substrate, that is, meat, but not fat, but high-quality meat, is very important. People who have been vaccinated should focus on the consumption of high-quality protein, ”TASS quoted him as saying.

He added that the amount of protein food consumed in a population is not only an indicator of the country’s well-being, but also the development of population immunity.

Gunzburg noted that alcohol and stress negatively affect the production of antibodies to COVID-19.

“Various hormones are tightly linked to the immune system. Therefore, many hormones that cause stressful conditions inhibit the production of certain hormones of the immune system, so all stressful conditions suppress antibodies very well, ”the scientist said.

Earlier, on December 23, Australian scientists found that the immunological memory of a person who has had a disease caused by a coronavirus lasts at least eight months.

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