Governor of the Kostroma region Sergei Sitnikov threatened TGC-2 with the prosecutor’s office

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Yesterday the Governor of the Kostroma Region Sergey Sitnikov held a meeting on the work of the TGK-2 company and the fulfillment of its obligations under the concession agreement. During the meeting, representatives of the company had to hear many complaints against them, the main one being that over 130 apartment buildings in Kostroma are still without hot water supply.

At the same time, the head of the city administration, Alexei Smirnov, informed the head of the region that the normative deadlines for eliminating defects on pipelines are not being observed. Alexey Smirnov emphasized that TGK-2 promised to restore hot water supply by August 14, but there are big doubts about the reality of this promise.

As a result, Sergei Sitnikov demanded that the materials be handed over to the prosecutor’s office if the repairs are not completed on time: “Residents of Kostroma want them to have hot water, to live in normal conditions, and not run between the kitchen and the bathroom with pots and buckets. Therefore, August 15 is the deadline. Due to the fact that all the standards have been violated, prepare to transfer the materials to the prosecutor’s office, if this work is not completed on August 15, ”the governor concluded the meeting with these words.

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