Governor of Smolensk region concerned about construction in the center of the capital of the region

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Governor Alexei Ostrovsky responded to numerous appeals from Smolensk residents on social networks regarding the construction of a sports facility in the center of Smolensk. In particular, the residents of Smolensk are concerned about the possible felling of trees in the area of ​​October Revolution Street, where construction is planned. The governor stressed: “I am extremely worried about the situation related to the construction of a gym in the city center.”

The problem that worries the citizens is connected with the construction of some kind of sports facility (fitness center or gym) in the city center. At the same time, as follows from the appeals of the townspeople, it is planned to cut down a significant number of trees that form the green zone.

The head of the region emphasized on July 29: “The majority of Smolensk residents do not agree with such plans of the investor and oppose their implementation. I fully share the position of the residents of the regional center and consider this state of affairs in the field of improvement unacceptable and requiring a comprehensive investigation. ” Alexei Ostrovsky instructed the leadership of the administration of the city of Smolensk to carefully study the current situation and make appropriate decisions based primarily on the opinion of the city’s residents.

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