God Of Musician launches innovative GMiner to build a new music Ecosystem

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Location – Date – God of Musician, an innovative Polygon-based music ecosystem is now available, offering music creators, fans and investors the chance to become GMiners at a discounted rate and earn the $GOM token. This new token offering will empower the fairest, most rewarding music leaderboard ever.


The GMiner is available now at a discounter rate; would-be investors need simply connect wallet and then they can purchase three different levels in exchange for their $MATIC tokens:

  • Newbie – provides 1 stamina, enabling the mining of 1 $GOM token per day.
  • Talent – provides 10 stamina for more rewards.
  • Pro – provides 100 stamina, mining many more $GOM tokens.


The daily mining supply is capped at 200,000 $GOM tokens. In addition, the number of GMiner sales will be limited by the mining quantity.


Web3 enthusiasts who opt to become GMiners can receive numerous benefits once God Of Musician is further into its roadmap, including staking rewards, voting on the future of the project and much more.


The project will go on to establish a music finance metaverse, and getting started with the GMiner is a great way to begin.

CEO Stefan Yu, an experienced entrepreneur and University of Illinois graduate who has been involved with several Coin Market Cap unicorn projects, has this to say about the project. 

“We know that the music industry is broken, and that blockchain technology can fix it. That’s why we’re creating this platform for music creators, their fans and web3 enthusiasts to benefit from this emergent technology. Through the combination of NFT, Token & Polygon blockchain, investors can be rewarded for creating and owning music via an exciting leaderboard. GMiner is available now, and I’d encourage every music fan to check it out, whether they’re experienced with web3 or not!”

The God Of Musician team enjoys strong partnerships with credible, visible and authoritative names in the space such as Polygon, Metamask and Trust Wallet.


You can visit the website here: https://www.godmusician.com/