What exactly is WPC Decking?

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In its simplest form, the basic materials of WPC flooring are plastic and wood, and the advantages of this combination are numerous. The product lasts longer than natural wood and does not require sanding, staining, and caulking every few years, which can be time-consuming and costly. Routine maintenance of wood-plastic flooring includes removing debris with a broom or hair dryer and spot cleaning with soapy water and a nylon brush. WPC flooring is also insect, rot, and moth resistant and is not easily splashed.

Why is it called Unifloorwpc?

Unifloorwpc takes all the benefits of WPC flooring one step further with a solid, differentiated design that literally prevents moisture from penetrating the material. Most WPC flooring is made by mixing plastic and wood fibers that are processed into composite panels in an extruder. In the Unifloorwpc production process, each wood fiber is coated with plastic throughout the core manufacturing process. This makes the wood fibers more uniform and more resistant to moisture. The wood fibers reinforce the plastic, making the finished board stiffer. The composite panels are then slowly stretched and cured to prevent them from bending or warping. Our WPC decorative panels can be installed above, on or below ground without causing structural problems.

The strength, durability, and appearance of natural wood?

wpc outdoor decking combines the durability and good looks of natural wood. While typical pressure-treated wood decking needs to be replaced after approximately 9 years, Unifloorwpc offers a 50-year structural guarantee for added peace of mind. We offer a range of products with different characteristics. Our Vision, Meridian and Elevate products come in a variety of colors with embossed textured surfaces and an overall look and feel of natural wood. Several years ago, we conducted extensive texture research for Elevate and Meridian and used the results to create a perfect blend of subtle, cathedral-like textures that mimic the grain of real wood. Meridian goes a step further by creating a true grain surface. This reduces the repetitive raised patterns that make some competing planks look so obviously fake.

Stability is also part of our DNA

Unifloorwpc wood plastic flooring is made from 95% recycled material (25% post-consumer recycled material and 70% pre-consumer recycled material). The polyethylene used to make WPC pallets is non-toxic and can be used in applications such as milk jugs, water bottles, and shopping bags. By using this type of product in our manufacturing process, we have reduced our energy consumption and emissions. We are proud to have won numerous awards from the EPA and the construction industry.

Full details of the Unifloorwpc color name

While we’ve had some fun with our friends in the paint industry, we have to admit that some of our products come in unique colors. However, we think you should take a look and see what huge advantages Unifloorwpc has over wood. Overall, our WPC flooring is aptly named Unifloorwpc, is stronger and more durable than wood, and is a valuable investment for your home and family.