Glucose told why she uttered the words “Ukrainian Crimea”

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Singer Glukoza commented on the video posted on the Web, in which she claims that “Crimea is Ukrainian”.

Earlier it became known that the State Border Service of Ukraine imposed a ban on the artist’s entry into the country for three years. The agency published a video in which the singer was asked about her attitude to the return of Crimea to Russia. Glucose answered that “Ukrainian Crimea”. The video shows that she was going to continue her phrase, but the border service cut the video at this point. As a result of this publication, Glucose was criticized by users of social networks.

“It was difficult to immediately give any comments, morally I was simply destroyed,” the performer wrote on Instagram, adding that she had just come to her senses.

She noted that she did not want any versions to be thought out for her, in connection with which the artist spoke about hers.

The singer wanted to visit Ukraine to see friends and work on new music, her previous ban on visiting the country has expired. She claims that, once at the customs, a real special operation was launched against her. According to her, “at the third hour of pressure” during interrogation to the question “Whose Crimea?” she asked a counter question: “What are you trying to achieve? What should I say that Crimea is Ukrainian? ” The artist emphasized that the customs officers needed this phrase to be simply sounded in her speech.

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