Germany: Working in neighboring countries in a pandemic

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The restrictions associated with the pandemic will end sooner or later, and then our citizens will again be able to work where it is more profitable for them. In the meantime, you can look for work in neighboring countries …

As a reminder, movement within the European Union in search of work, under certain conditions, should not affect the payment of child benefit (Kindergeld). This conclusion can be drawn from the decision of the Dusseldorf Financial Court of December 18, 2009. This court was considering the claim of an employee of a German firm who was on parental leave while his wife and the child’s mother worked in Belgium. This worker promptly reported his family’s move to Belgium to the family fund.

The court took into account that, on the one hand, citizens of the European Union have the right to live and work in any country of this economic community, on the other hand, according to Belgian law, the mother also has the right to receive the appropriate allowance. If family benefits are due to the same family member from two EU member states, European legislation establishes that payments are made by the state in which the amount of social benefits is higher, and the relevant competent authority of another state reimburses him half of this amount.

(Finanzgericht Duesseldorf, Az .: 3 K 3986/08 Kg).

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