Germany: Will kindergartens be closed in risk areas

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Federal and municipal authorities state that the purpose of the measures introduced preventing a second lockdown, shutting down the economy and closing schools and kindergartens. The German Association of Cities and Municipalities (DStGB) believes that re-closure of kindergartens is unacceptable, even in the event of a sharp increase in the number of people infected with coronavirus.

“We must do whatever is necessary to keep the childcare organizations running,” said DStGB Managing Director Gerd Lundy. Closing kindergartens in risk areas should be the last resort.

Landsberg says that right now, caregivers need effective support. He advocates the introduction of the concept “with the same rules and measures as possible for all federal states”. In order to be able to comply with the increased requirements of hygiene rules in daily care, Landsberg proposed to increase the number of staff in child care facilities, “additional assistants in the non-educational sphere,” nannies who can help kindergarten teachers in daily work that does not require pedagogical skills.

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