Germany: Will Douglas Stores Remain Open

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In Germany, a strict quarantine has been introduced, under which all stores are closed, except for food and haberdashery. Douglas perfumery chain plans to keep open almost a quarter of its branches, despite the restrictions and bans. The management stated that these branches are akin to haberdashery.

“In some shops we offer a solid part of the classic range of haberdashery: body care products such as creams, shampoo, soaps, deodorants, make-up, perfumes and personal care products,” a company spokeswoman told dpa news agency. She stressed that the items in the branches that are to remain open are comparable to those in the branches of haberdashery chains such as DM or Rossmann, which remain open.

The Hesse trade union ver.di in Hesse has previously stated “disregard for quarantine.” The chain of perfumery stores turned into a haberdashery overnight. “Anyone who in such a strange way interprets the strict quarantine rules and permission to continue working for certain organizations, thus undermines confidence,” says the head of ver.di in the federal state of Hesse Bernhard Schiederig. Douglas, however, denied this statement of fact and stressed that the company strictly adheres to all restrictive rules introduced.

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