Germany: Which federal states have lifted the ban on residence

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Today in Bavaria the residence ban expires for travelers from risk zones within the country. The federal state government decided not to extend the restrictive measure introduced. State Chancellor Florian Herrmann announced this.

The stay ban is valid until the end of Friday. Herrmann said the decree was canceled because the state authorities are counting on the fact that all decisions taken on Wednesday will be taken and put into effect by all federal states. Just yesterday, the Bavarian cabinet of ministers announced that the residency ban would remain in effect. However, on the evening of the same day, Prime Minister Markus Söder announced that the measure would expire “gradually”.

On Wednesday, at the conference, the prime ministers and Angela Merkel could not come to a common decision on the issue of banning hotel accommodation for residents of risk regions within Germany and postponed the final decision until November 8. However, some federal states have already announced the end of the ban or even canceled it. North Rhine-Westphalia did not initially introduce this restrictive measure. In the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, as well as in Lower Saxony, the court canceled the ban on placement last Thursday.

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