Germany: which countries you can fly to on vacation in spring-summer IN 2024

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Will travel be possible this year? Will it be possible to fly to Greece, go by car to the Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark? Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism Thomas Bareis believes that this year, residents of Germany will mainly rest in the country.

Most of those who want to relax this year will give their choice for traveling around the country. “Most vacationers will stay in Germany,” Bareis told Business Insider. However, travel abroad will eventually become possible again. Long-distance, intercontinental travel may not be possible due to incomplete data on the epidemiological situation and the stalling of the vaccination process. It is not the distance to a particular country that is decisive, but the situation within it.

“Classic package travel to Greece, Turkey, Mallorca can be made with appropriate infection protection measures. The same applies to long-distance trips, for example, to the USA, ”Bareis said. In countries where infection rates vary by region, such as Egypt, certain regions may be open to holidaymakers. It is to these regions that flights will be made.

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