Germany: Vodafone proposes to use cell phone data to fight pandemic

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The Federal Statistics Office reported that population mobility declined in January. This is due to radical restrictive measures. The main task of the authorities reduce movement. The chief executive of the telephone company Vodafone in Germany has proposed more use of cell phone data to fight pandemics.

“Mobility data can help you cope with the crisis faster and better – so you need to think about how it can be used,” Hannes Ametsreiter told Spiegel. “At the moment, the law on the protection of personal data does not allow this,” the expert emphasized. Given the difficult situation and the number of infected, he wonders, “shouldn’t we now jump over our shadow.”

This is not the first voice offering to track the mobility of the country’s residents using mobile phone signals. Earlier this was stated by Uwe Brandl, president of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities, and burgomaster of the city of Abensberg in the Bavaria. “We could read the movement profiles from mobile phones and thus determine exactly where the residents of a particular region are. We just need to decide which is more important, the protection of health or personal data. “

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