Germany: Traveling will be even harder

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In order to limit the spread of new strains of coronavirus, the governments of the countries have agreed to limit tourist travel. The mask regime is tightening on the planes of German companies and at airports. From February 1, passengers and greeters are required to wear at least medical masks, better than FFP2 or FFP3 masks, reported by the Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry (BDL).

Ordinary cloth masks, like plastic face caps or various scarves, are not allowed. The Lufthansa Group, which also includes Austrian and Swiss airlines, is adapting the rules for the protection of personnel and passengers to minimize the risk of infection, it said. It is possible to fly without a mask if the passenger provides a negative test result for Covid-19 and a medical certificate from a doctor filled out on a special form, which can be found on the Lufthansa website.

The toughening of rules for tourists is being introduced not only by European countries, but also by the USA. So, those entering America must leave the quarantine. France announced tightening the requirement for mandatory tests. A number of measures are being considered at the EU level. New obligations on testing and quarantine for people from the “dark red zones” – regions with a very large number of infected people are being discussed. Closing borders – probably, but seen as the last tool to resort to.

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