Germany: Travel warning for all of France – probably

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The Federal Foreign Office has confirmed the official travel warning for Paris and the French region of Provence and Cote d’Azur. Federal Government Commissioner for Tourism Thomas Bareis did not rule out that this warning may soon be made for the entire country.

A country or region is declared at risk when the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded in the last seven days. However, Bareis said the federal government has set itself the goal of not “closing” more countries, effectively limiting the movement of citizens, but more closely “watching regions” in which the number of cases is growing.

Those returning from risk regions must be tested for coronavirus and remain self-isolating, which affects all members of the household, until the results are obtained. At the moment, the ministers of health of the federal states and the federal minister Jens Spahn have agreed that the compulsory test will be canceled. All those returning from the rice regions will be required to stay in quarantine for two weeks. From what date the new settlement will enter into force is not yet clear. The media call the day “X” September 15 or October 1.

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