Germany: Traffic jams in front of test centers in Bavaria

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Has the second wave of coronavirus started in Germany? Epidemiologists say the situation in the country is under control. However, the number of infected has increased to 233,575 cases. It should be noted that the number of tests has also grown.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has found that 39% of all infected have recently become infected abroad. Over the weekend, traffic jams formed in front of test centers in Bavaria. To defuse the situation, volunteers came to the rescue.

Since the end of July, the Bavarian authorities have introduced free testing on a voluntary basis for all residents of the federal state, as well as for travelers. Those returning from high-risk regions to any of the federal states are required to take a free test or spend two weeks in quarantine.

Test centers are located at service stations on the motorway Donautal-Ost (A3), (Donautal-Ost (A3)), Hochfelln-Nord (A8), (Hochfelln-Nord (A8)) and Heuberg (A93) (Heuberg (A93) ). Tests can also be made at the airports of Munich, Nuremberg and Memmingen, as well as at the main train stations in Munich and Nuremberg.

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