Germany toughens quarantine measures

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In connection with the planned cancellation of mandatory tests for those returning from risk regions, the Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn plans to tighten control over quarantine compliance. Already now, according to the minister, spot checks are being carried out. “They will be strengthened in the near future.”

In support of the German Ministry of Health, the Federal Cabinet made a decision to digitize the processes as soon as possible. At the moment, upon returning to the country, tourists are required to fill out forms containing contact details and information about the whereabouts of the tourist on vacation, and the flight number. This form should be available in electronic form to facilitate the work of local health authorities.

Spahn emphasizes that quarantine compliance is an important tool to contain the spread of the coronavirus. After the end of the summer tourist season, both the quarantine regime for people arriving from risk areas and self-isolation checks will be strengthened.

The specific steps and timing of the introduction of stricter controls will be decided during negotiations between the heads of government of the federal states with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Another topic of the conference will be measures of prevention and protection against infection in hospitals and nursing homes on the eve of the autumn-winter season.

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