Germany: things to remember on hot days

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In the coming days, in many regions of Germany, thermometers will exceed 30 degrees. In order to successfully weather the heat and enjoy the warmth of the summer, there are some important things to keep in mind.

1. Sunscreen

During the height of summer, it is very important to remember to protect your skin and to use sunscreen intensively, even when in the shade. A hat and sunglasses will not be superfluous.

2. Garden and balcony

If you have plants in your garden or balcony, water them regularly in hot weather. This is best done during the coolest time of the day: early in the morning or late in the evening. In the middle of the day, water evaporates much faster than the plant can absorb it.

3. Pets

Hot asphalt can burn the feet of walking dogs or cause swelling. When the asphalt gets too hot, the seven-second rule of thumb is that dog owners place their palm on the asphalt for seven seconds. If the hand is too hot, then the dog will be the same. Therefore, it is recommended to walk pets in the morning and in the evening.

Those with birds or rodents living in their homes should take care of cooling the cages. To do this, you can cover the cage with a damp cloth or sprinkle some water inside.

4. Careful with air conditioners

Even if it is very hot outside, the temperature in your car should not drop to the state of the refrigerator compartment. It is very difficult for the human body to survive such changes. Basic rule: the temperature inside and outside should not differ by more than 6 degrees.

5. Put smartphones in your bag

Extreme heat can negatively affect smartphone battery performance. Therefore, if you are walking in the scorching sun, try not to hold your phone in your hands. Covers that create a steam room effect can also be dangerous. So it’s better to take them off in severe heat.

6. Open the window at night

On hot days, ventilation of the room will only work when the air temperature drops. Therefore, the best time to open the window is at night and earlier in the morning.

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