Germany: Should you exchange gifts you don’t like

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Many residents of the country believe that you can exchange all the gifts that you don’t like. Unfortunately, this statement is not true. If the gift is not damaged, that is, it is absolutely serviceable, the statutory right to exchange it is not provided.

Many shops and department stores still offer a return-of-purchase service, provided you can show your purchase receipt. Therefore, if you were presented with the third Peppa Pig or the same book for the second time, you can try your luck in the store and ask for an exchange of goods.

However, in the event that the toy car presented to the son does not start, or an arrow crawls in a knitted sweater, the situation looks different. In the event of the exchange of faulty gifts, BGB grants citizens extensive warranty rights. However, it should be borne in mind: before the item can be returned, the seller has the right to repair the purchased item.

In fact, the person who bought the item has the right to present a claim to the seller. But he can transfer this right to the one to whom the thing is presented. In this case, the latter can contact the seller on his own behalf. However, for this he needs a receipt confirming the purchase in this particular store or chain of stores.

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