Germany: “Second lockdown is not needed”

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The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Germany has recently increased dramatically, prompting many to speak of a second wave. SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach believes re-lockdown due to pandemic in Germany – unlikely.

“There is no need for a second lockdown,” Lauterbach told Business Insider. To avoid shutting down the economy, testing needs to be done, especially where needed, and the chains of infection are effectively tracked. The politician believes that the closure of schools and kindergartens “is a completely wrong measure. We cannot afford to completely close schools and kindergartens a second time. ”

From Lauterbach’s point of view, this is too much of a burden for children. Making up for lost time is extremely difficult. In addition, children are less likely to become seriously ill from infection. However, it is extremely important – regular testing of teachers and educators.

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