Germany: Schools are not ready for the new academic year

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The new school year is gaining momentum in many federal states. Some classes or even schools had to be closed due to the identified coronavirus infected. The Federal Parents’ Committee believes that education ministers are not doing enough to ensure a normal and safe learning process in schools.

“A two with a minus – politicians did not deserve better marks for preparing for the new school year,” said Stephan Wassmuth, chairman of the Federal Parents’ Committee. Parents criticize that children do not really learn new material, learning only the essentials to write an important test or pass an exam, “in the hope that they will somehow make it,” Wassmuth said. This training is not enough for politicians responsible for the health and safety of hundreds of thousands of people.

As an example, Wassmouth cited the example of ventilation in schools: “Every child knows that mainly the coronavirus spreads through aerosols. I know everything about the need to ventilate and ventilate the premises again! ” But the ability to open windows does not exist everywhere. “During the summer holidays, it was necessary to ensure the possibility of airing the premises or find technical solutions for installing air filtration systems.”

The representative of the parent committee noted that many teachers are not ready to conduct digital education and the holidays should have been used to improve the qualifications of teachers. However, this did not happen. School visits will remain a lottery for students and parents. “Some are fortunate that the school leadership has been dealing with this issue for many years. In many schools, almost nothing works. ” Wassmouth warned that the chaos in the event of a massive school closure would be enormous, and undoubtedly irreparable damage.

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