Germany: Robo-Studio in Frankfurt will show the way to the future

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How to learn the future today

In recent years, programming and robotics have moved from the category of the elements of engineers and highly qualified specialists to an exciting and useful hobby for children of all ages. Writing codes, creating small robots, working in programs for processing photos and videos – all these are the activities, the training of which makes modern children as versatile and prepared as possible for life in our world. It is the new technologies, the development of which is gaining momentum every year, that will become the key to the success of children and adolescents in the future.

Schoolchildren of Frankfurt and the surrounding area will be able to plunge into the fascinating world of robotics in the Robo-Studio. Here answers to questions of interest in the field of programming, animation, photo processing and much more will be found both by beginners, without any prior knowledge, and by advanced guys who want to hone their existing skills.

Regular courses in the studio, founded in 2016 by the Barthel family, take place every week in a cozy and homely home of the creators of the elective school, equipped to conduct classes even in a pandemic. Here, kids and teens discover topics such as coding, artificial intelligence, robotics, and game design. The advantage of the studio is that course participants do not just learn theory, but take a direct part in the creation and development, realizing their vision and ideas.

Taking courses in Robo-Studio will successfully dispel the myth that programming is the lot of those who prefer exact sciences. Every creative person will be able to combine the impulse of creativity with innovative technologies, having put a hand in the creation of animation, small games that imitate everyone’s favorite entertainment applications for smartphones, processing photos and drawing elements of web design. By the way, according to the studio’s team, it is precisely such classes that allow them to realize themselves in the field of art that are most attractive for older girls attending classes. The path of young people – Lego robots, which both beginners and advanced guys can build and program in the studio. But in a group for preschoolers, girls and boys are equally divided – a good sign for the future development of the traditionally male area of ​​interest!

A variety of courses are offered to choose from: programming training for those who do not yet know how to fully read and write (from 5 years old), groups for working in animation programs (from 6 and 9 years old), the creation of lego robots at three different levels of difficulty , practical courses on understanding computer work (from 12 years old), work in the JAVA program and full-fledged game programming for those who already have serious skills in this area.

Of course, sending your child to robotics courses is not only possible for the sake of knowledge itself. Classes will help you realize yourself, become more confident, learn to work in a group and find like-minded people, exchanging ideas with whom is a pleasure.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to standard lessons, Robo-Studio conducts classes in the format of a summer camp during school holidays. In addition, you can celebrate your birthday here by spending the best day of the year with friends and robots.

At least once a year, the guys from the studio take part in lego robotics contests, one of the most famous of which was the World Robot Olympiad this year, despite the outbreak of a pandemic in the world. The preparatory course for this kind of competition takes place once a week and was successfully transferred to the online mode under quarantine conditions.

Today Robo-Studio is open to the public again. At the same time, for the safety of children and the team, all hygiene and distance measures are observed.


Großer Hasenpfad 71

60598 Frankfurt

069/686 098 35

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