Germany: Returnees and risk zones will not be paid for their quarantine stay

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The federal government is introducing new rules for travel to risk areas. These include the obligation to provide information about the place of stay and the loss of salary payments while in quarantine upon returning to Germany.

Travelers entering Germany from coronavirus risk areas will have to complete a digital entry form. In it, you will need to provide detailed information about yourself and your whereabouts, says dpa, referring to a bill from the Federal Ministry of Health. The corresponding web application has been developed and submitted to the Federal Ministry of Health by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. It replaces the previous paper form that travelers filled out by hand.

The draft law makes it possible to require those returning from risk areas to provide the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) with personal information, as well as information about whereabouts ten days before and ten days after entry. (Information will be transmitted by filling out a new digital form). In addition, returnees may be required to undergo a medical examination to rule out the possibility of infection.

Health Minister Jens Spahn will be able to enact further necessary regulations to fight the coronavirus. The bill could also put pressure on airlines, train and bus companies. The authorities will be able to prohibit the transport of people from risk areas, if the possibility of the return of German citizens is guaranteed. In addition, they may be required to forward passenger lists and seating diagrams to the appropriate health authorities. These provisions are already in the Infection Protection Act. However, they are limited in time and will be revised and expanded by the new law.

Under the new law, those making “avoidable trips” to risk regions abroad should not receive compensation for loss of earnings while in mandatory quarantine. These include vacation trips and business trips that can be postponed until better times. The exception is “exceptional circumstances” – for example, the birth of your own child or the death of a close relative.

Return quarantine lasts ten days. It can be reduced by making a coronavirus test no earlier than the fifth day after entering the country.

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