Germany: Repeated offender driver drives into government building

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Today, in broad daylight, a Volkswagen car entered the metal gate of the Federal Chancellery in the German capital – Berlin. There is an inscription on the car indicating that what happened – not an accidental accident. The 54-year-old driver likely committed a similar offense in 2014.

A car drove into the gates of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin today. In the crime scene photos, a dark Volkswagen can be seen crashing into the office gates with a grille and cordoned off by police. The driver with minor injuries is in the hospital. As the man behind the wheel was driving at “a very low speed, the car received only minor damage. On the sides of the station wagon, slogans are applied in white paint. On the one hand, there are “damned murderers of children and old people.” On the other hand, “stop the policy of globalization”. The license plate indicates that the vehicle is registered in the Lippe region of North Rhine-Westphalia.

A conference of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the heads of government of the federal states is scheduled this afternoon on the topic of further measures to combat the pandemic. Whether the driver tried to attract attention to himself, knowing that the attention of the inhabitants of the country is riveted to news from the office, it turns out.

The 54-year-old driver has already been arrested, interrogated and somehow motivated his act. However, the details are still unknown. At the moment, the police are deciding what to do with the offender. The police only report that “the driver has been taken into custody and is at the police station.” The police have not yet suggested an extremist background. “It is currently being investigated whether the incident is a consequence of the detainee’s disturbed psyche or some other motivation,” said police spokesman Thilo Kablitz.

The current incident resembles a similar one committed in the spring of 2014. Then a dark VW station wagon also drove into the Federal Chancellery fence. As a result, a 48-year-old driver was arrested. On the sides of the car that was hit, the slogans were written in white print: “End climate change that is killing people” and “Nicole, I love you.” According to the latest media reports, today’s detainee and the offender in 2014 are the same person. Moreover, he used the same car, media reported.

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