Germany: Record number of letters for Santa Claus in Himmelpfort

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Children from all over the world have sent more letters of request to Santa Claus at Himmelpfort in Brandenburg than ever before. Company spokeswoman Anke Blenn said the Deutsche Post Christmas post office north of Berlin annually Corona Receives Record Number of Emails – 320,000. Last year there were 294,000, and in 2014, when the branch celebrated its 30th anniversary, there were 312,000.

This year, children from 62 countries sent 21,000 letters: last year, the number of foreign messages was 14,500. “Due to the limitations of the crown, many children and their parents have apparently rediscovered the epistolary genre in order to personally contact Santa Claus. draw or do something for him, ”said Blenn. The wishes of the little petitioners have also changed. In addition to classics such as dolls, dinosaurs, police and fire trucks, board games or smartphones and tablets, many children want their families to be healthy and for the crown to disappear.

Some kids were also worried about whether Santa Claus would be able to arrive on Christmas Eve due to the crown restrictions, Blenn said. Little Nina wrote in this regard that Santa Claus can send her long-awaited roller skates by mail if he cannot come to her himself.

According to the Deutsche Post, the story of the Christmas post office began in 1984. Two children from Berlin and Saxony sent letters to Santa Claus in Himmelpfort. The postman answered them – and the next year 75 letters arrived. In 1995, the Swiss Post hired additional staff for the first time to answer mountains of letters. (dpa)

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