Germany: quarantine for tourists from the UK and South Africa from December 21

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After the mutated coronavirus was discovered in the UK and South Africa, North Rhine-Westphalia is quarantining travelers from these two countries.

The Prime Minister of the state Armin Laschet announced the decision in an interview with WDR: “You know that in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Supreme Administrative Court has declared quarantine for all countries entering the country. We will re-launch it from midnight – especially for tourists from South Africa and the UK. ” Thus, passengers who arrived on Sunday at the airports of Cologne, Dusseldorf and Dortmund by planes from Manchester and London were informed about the need to leave the quarantine.

Earlier, the Supreme Administrative Court of the federal state in Münster canceled the requirement for quarantine for foreigners returning from risk areas. According to the court, the quarantine order did not take into account that travelers are at a higher risk of infection upon returning home or entering from countries with more favorable epidemiological situations. The decree stated that travelers from foreign countries ranked as risk areas should be quarantined after entering North Rhine-Westphalia and not meet with representatives from other households for ten days.

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