Germany: Police broke up a wedding for 380 guests

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Private events with a large number of guests Is one of the most common reasons for the sharp increase in the number of infected people in the regions of the country. For example, in Dortmund, the city’s public order department, with the support of the police, was forced to dismiss an organized wedding on a grand scale, to which 380 guests were invited.

“The use of another banquet hall has been banned in accordance with building codes,” – said a spokesman for the municipality today, answering a question about the incident on Saturday. Thanks to the arrival of police officers, called to support the employees of the public order department, the situation was resolved peacefully, despite the fact that some of the guests were quite aggressive. At the wedding, in accordance with the permission, there should have been no more than 150 guests.

Police President Gregor Lange appealed to the organizers and guests of the celebration with an appeal to comply with the instructions: “With an enormous effort, which had serious consequences for both business and family life, in the spring we were able to control the increase in the number of infected. We have no right to jeopardize this achievement, achieved through self-denial and discipline, ”Lange said.

Whether tests were made to the organizers and guests of the event, whether fines were imposed for violating restrictive measures, and, most importantly, whether the wedding led to an increase in the number of infected, has not yet been reported.

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