Germany plans to cancel mandatory tests for those returning from risk areas

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Mandatory coronavirus tests for tourists returning from risk areas may be canceled after the end of the summer vacation and vacation period. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn presented this proposal to his colleagues from the federal states, – dpa reports.

The rules for returning from risk areas are to be revised throughout Germany after the end of the summer vacation. Schoolchildren in Baden-Württemberg will sit at their desks last, in mid-September. On September 8, a new academic year will begin in Bavaria. Instead of mandatory free tests for those returning from risk areas, the obligation to spend two weeks in self-isolation will again be introduced. “The quarantine can be shortened if there is a negative test result, made no earlier than five days after entry,” – said in the proposal of the Minister of Health. This regulation was introduced based on the experience of the last few weeks, as well as in view of the limited testing capabilities.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health previously stated that the laboratories are currently overwhelmed and that it can be foreseen that the system could malfunction soon. Christian Drosten, head of the virology department at the Berlin University Hospital Charite, also proposed to end the practice of free tests. The testing strategy needs to be changed soon. Ministers must decide whether the federal states will follow a common path in this matter, or whether each state decides to introduce its own rules.

Since the end of July, vacationers abroad have the opportunity to take a crown test for free. Starting from August 8, travelers who came from the risk zone were required to do tests on a mandatory basis.

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