Germany: New Year’s Eve parties at the “Smart School” Hamburg

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Quarantine is a quarantine, and a holiday is a holiday! .. True, I had to spend not 3 big holidays, but 10 small ones – in branches and groups. There was more trouble than usual, but no less joy, no worse gifts, and Santa Claus and Snegurochka were just super – professional actors!

But the main thing is that everyone enjoyed it according to their age:

1) 8 junior groups (from 2 to 7 years old) – games, songs, dances, competitions, round dances;

2) special children – a special program, special gifts;

3) 3 groups of junior schoolchildren – New Year’s quiz “What? Where? When?”;

4) a group of teenagers (from 12 to 15 years old) – New Year’s party “We and the Little Prince”;

5) senior group (from 17 to 23 years old) – New Year’s Eve “Without a crown”.

There are videos and photos, and most importantly – love and friendship.

Text: Alla Kazantseva, director of the Smart School.

Photo: Smart School teachers.

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