Germany: More firms are in favor of expanding work from home

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According to a recent study, the coronavirus crisis has not only brought down the German economy, but also forced many business leaders to rethink the issues of digitalization and the use of office space. Huge offices in the future may be empty. Increased use of home offices a scenario that no longer seems so far removed from the needs and requirements of companies to many.

According to a poll published by auditing firm KPMG, 69 percent of CEOs surveyed plan to reduce office space in a short time due to the growing trend towards more widespread use of home offices.

About four-fifths of business leaders see plans to digitalize their businesses as a priority. This area includes many factors: it is the reception and processing of customer requests online and the ability to work from a home office. “Ultimately, a hybrid approach will probably prevail in the new work reality,” said Bill Thomas, CEO of KPMG. Work from within its four walls will alternate with work from the office.

Research has shown that expanding telecommuting opportunities creates additional opportunities for employers. Thus, they can select employees from a larger pool of applicants for a given position. Not everyone is ready to move for a new job. But regular trips to the place of work are considered by many to be a normal practice.

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