Germany: Millions of people destroy the liver every day, even without alcohol

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In the human body, the liver is responsible for neutralizing various foreign substances, in particular allergens, poisons and toxins. It controls hormonal balance and regulates the metabolism of proteins, fats and sugar in the body. A healthy liver vital. This organ is damaged not only by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, but also by other, sometimes even “healthy” habits.

The liver removes toxins from our body, stores vitamins, and produces essential proteins. Many people know that drinking large amounts of alcohol is harmful to the body. However, other habits can lead to liver cirrhosis or abnormal obesity. This, in turn, increases the risk of diabetes, hepatitis, and even liver cancer.

1. Eating too much fruit
Several studies show that the sugar in fruits, fructose, increases the risk of fatty liver. It should be noted that most of these findings are based on small studies, or studies in mice. However, experts continue to warn against underestimating the effects of fructose on human health. While many people monitor their fat and carbohydrate intake, very few people pay attention to the fructose content of food. Recall that the fructose content in 100 grams of apples is higher than the sugar content in 100 milliliters of cola.

2. Taking medications
Medicines are eliminated from the body through the liver. Therefore, the instructions for use attached to medicines often contain information about possible harm to the liver. However, in most cases, the benefit of the drug is greater than the small risk of organ damage. However, if you are taking medication and you notice symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, and upper abdominal discomfort, you should check with your doctor to see if the medication might be causing them.

3. An immobile lifestyle
Being overweight has an extremely negative effect on the liver. The body stores excess fat not only under the skin, but also around the internal organs. The tissue secretes, among other things, substances that cause inflammation. To avoid fatty liver, exercise regularly.

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