Germany: Merkel for a fine – at least 50 euros for refusing a mask and for a two-week quarantine for tourists

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German cities are demanding the introduction of a unified catalog of fines for non-compliance with the requirements to slow the spread of coronavirus. “It is advisable to have nationwide uniform fines that would apply for rule violations during the coronavirus pandemic,” – said the president of the German Association of Cities, Lord Mayor of Leipzig Burkhard Jung, according to the media of the media group Funke. All those who refuse to wear masks in transport and public places, despite the regulations, must pay the same amount throughout Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also concerned about the current epidemiological situation. The politician believes that due to the growing number of infected people, further indulgences should not be introduced, as some eastern lands planned. Merkel calls for good hygiene. For violation of the requirements to wear masks, a fine of at least 50 euros must be imposed, the chancellor said, as reported by the dpa and AFP news agencies, referring to a federal decree of today’s round of talks between the chancellor and the prime ministers of the federal states.

Angela Merkel advocates the cancellation of all major public events such as festivals, sports events with spectators, concerts, until at least December 31, 2020. However, the Chancellor does not consider it necessary to scratch one size fits all. Exceptions may be made for regions with a low infection rate. But here, too, it is necessary to comply with all the prescribed rules and ensure that the participants in the event live either in this region, or come from a neighboring one, where the epidemiological situation is just as stable.

Free tests for travelers returning from regions not declared a risk zone, according to Merkel, should be stopped after September 15. And all those returning from the regions at risk must go on a two-week self-isolation, – follows from the draft decision of the federal government.

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