Germany: Mandatory corona virus test for all travelers from high-risk areas

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Bavarian Health Minister Melanie Haml has called for mandatory tests for the corona virus after being in a high-risk area.

As an argument, she voiced the statistics of corona disease in the spring of 2020 regarding the territory of Bavaria, according to which the number of infections in Bavaria increased after the Easter holidays and school holidays. She got the impression that not everyone adheres to quarantine for 14 days after returning from high-risk areas. To control this moment, in her opinion, is practically impossible.

In North Westphalia, there is also a debate in the Ministry of Health about the introduction of a testing system for travelers from high-risk areas. In particular, the organization of testing centers at the airports of the earth is being discussed. Thus, passengers returning from high-risk regions should be given the opportunity to be tested for coronavirus directly at the airport. As soon as the principal details of this measure have been determined, the public will be immediately informed. In particular, the creation of testing centers in the arrival terminals of the airports of Dusseldorf and Cologne is being considered.

Over the weekend, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Seder has already announced the proposed establishment of similar test centers for arrivals at Bavarian airports. The opposition of the Social Democratic Party of Germany in the Düsseldorf parliament called on the government of the state of North Westphalia to follow the Bavarian model. This will minimize the risk of a possible second wave, at least in part, the Social Democrats said.

Even if tests for holidaymakers are only voluntary, testing directly at the airport will greatly facilitate the task of the municipal authorities. The municipal authorities of many cities have already announced that they anticipate they will be overwhelmed with tracing the sources of infection after the summer break. Returners from high-risk areas are required to comply with a 14-day home quarantine unless they test negative, but this is nearly impossible to control.

Health expert Karl Lauterbach demands testing facilities at the central railway stations in North Westphalia. Many travelers return, in his opinion, by train.

He believes that it makes no sense to distinguish between high-risk areas and other areas, since it is not the place of rest that is decisive for their risk of infection, but the behavior of travelers.

The estimated regulatory framework for travel testing is expected from day to day.

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