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The expression “My home is my fortress” implies, among other things, the impossibility of entering the home. And although this expression is of English origin (it belongs to the legal scholar Edward Cock), the German government supports the very idea: whoever improves the protection of his apartment or house from robbery, can get an inexpensive loan or subsidy from a state bank KfW

Such material support is provided through the KfW 455-E program (altersgerecht umbauen – Investitionszuschuss-Einbruchschutz) or the KfW 159 program (altersgerecht umbauen – Kredit).

Activities that are subsidized by these programs include:

  • installation of entrance doors to a house or apartment, reducing the risk of burglary;
  • installation of retrofit systems (door handles, locks) and doors to the terrace or balcony, as well as grilles and blinds, which reduce the risk of burglary;
  • installation of alarm devices with a camera and “advanced” locks;
  • installation of assistant systems, in particular, an intercom, a motion alarm, an emergency ambulance system.

According to the KfW 455-E subsidy program, only a small part of the costs can be compensated. The subsidy is 20% of the first thousand euros invested by the owner. With further investments (over 1,000 euros), the KfW 455-E program provides compensation for 10% of all costs. There are limits for investment: the minimum amount is 500 euros, the maximum is 15,000 euros. In order to receive the maximum non-refundable subsidy of 1,600 euros (for example, for the installation of new metal doors or windows or the modernization of old doors or windows), you need to invest 15,000 euros yourself.

The State Bank has created a special portal where you can apply for subsidies:

Important note: construction work, installation and other repairs can only be started after submitting an application. The applicant receives consent to the grant immediately after submitting a substantiated application to KfW. Sometimes the state bank sends a final confirmation of receipt of the application, and only then sends the corresponding agreement.

When the house has been strengthened, the invoice should be downloaded from the Internet and the grant should be paid. As a rule, the subsidy comes so quickly that with its help you can finally pay off the work performers.

Under the KfW159 program, you can get a loan of up to 15,000 euros. This loan must be repaid in the form of a installment consisting of interest and the repaid amount. However, in the first five years or the first ten years – depending on the option chosen by the owner of the apartment – the investor is exempt from repayment, that is, he pays only interest.

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