Germany: German politician believes the situation is more serious than in the spring

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Speaking after the conference of prime ministers with the federal states, the head of Bavaria, Markus Söder, warned of the possibility of a second lockdown. “In fact, we are much closer to the second quarantine than we are willing to admit,” – said the politician. Now the clock shows “not without five to twelve, but exactly twelve” in order to have time to prevent a catastrophe. If this is not done, the economy and society face “extremely serious damage”. Unbelievable sums are at stake, “and we need endurance” Zöder said. “But it’s not forever.”

The Prime Minister of Bavaria considers the current situation more dangerous than the situation in spring. Like Angela Merkel, he doubts that the new countermeasures to combat the pandemic, adopted by the federal government and the authorities of the federal states, are enough to prevent a further sharp increase in the number of infected people in the country. Zöder said that the measures taken are a significant step for the entire country. “But, in my opinion, the question is whether the measures taken are enough.”

We will see the answer in the next ten days. So far, there is hope that the measures taken will have the necessary effect if citizens adhere to them.

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