Germany: For residence in which federal states do you need a negative test

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In order for the country’s residents to be able to wade through the bushes of the introduced rules and restrictions, the federal states agreed to ban the residence of vacationers from the inner regions of the country, in which the number of coronavirus cases exceeded the critical mark of 50 per 100,000 population in seven days. However, the general agreement was not without exceptions. Five federal states will introduce their regional additions to this decision.

In a decision taken today by the federal and state governments, it is agreed that vacationers from risk areas can stay overnight in hotels and other establishments of the guest industry only if they can present a negative test for coronavirus. According to the Federal Chancellery, the test must be done a maximum of 48 hours before check-in at the hotel. This regulation does not apply to those who have come to see their family, or to work trips.

The federal states of Bremen, Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony and Thuringia have settled this issue in their own way. A spokesman for the Berlin Senate said that the German capital does not plan to ban hotel accommodation for those entering from regions within the country, the number of diseases in which exceeds the agreed border. In NRW, the ban will also not be introduced yet. The representative of Lower Saxony reserved the right to decide whether this decision will be taken. Thuringia indicated that “the scale for the measures applied in the regions where tourists enter should be the assessment of the health authorities of the affected areas.” That is, the ban on entry into Thuringia has not been introduced either. In Bavaria, the ban on living without a negative test goes into effect on Thursday.

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