Germany: Federal states have not agreed on uniform rules for wearing masks in schools

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The federal states have not yet worked out a single line on the need to wear protective masks for students and pedagogical staff. However, schools will introduce uniform sanitary and hygienic standards to help minimize the risk of infection on school grounds, – Decided by the federal authorities and the governments of the federal states.

The Prime Ministers and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel have instructed the Conference of Ministers of Education to reach an early agreement on this issue. At the moment, different states of the country have different rules. For example, in North Rhine-Westphalia, schoolchildren had to wear masks during lessons. This requirement is valid until August 31 and will be canceled thereafter, – said Prime Minister Armin Lashet.

Wearing masks indoors outside school is still valid. In Berlin, the rule of wearing masks in schools can be adopted at the request of the parents.

In Bavaria, children with colds and colds will no longer be automatically sent home from the start of the new school year. Previously, children with cold symptoms had to stay at home until they tested negative.

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