Germany: Federal states agree on new restrictions on public life

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The federal and state governments have agreed on further measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The number of infected at the moment is growing steadily. Therefore, instead of further relaxation, new restrictions on public life will be introduced.

► In all federal states, with the exception of Saxony-Anhalt, fines of at least € 50 will be charged for violating the rules for wearing masks in public places.

► Mass events, during which it is impossible to trace contacts and guarantee compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards, may take place no earlier than December 31, 2020. A working group has been created, which by the end of October is to work out norms for holding federal sports events.

► From September 16, free coronavirus tests will only be available for travelers returning to Germany from risk areas. Returning from countries not classified as dangerous will have to pay for the tests themselves.

► Those entering Germany from risk areas will have to undergo a two-week quarantine. It will be possible to reduce it if there is a negative test made no earlier than the fifth day after returning. The decree will enter into force “as soon as possible on October 1”. Control of those in quarantine will be maximized. Violators face high fines. The government’s goal is to notify returnees about Germany’s stringent quarantine measures and encourage them to take the test while still at risk.

► Returners from risk areas in the future will not receive compensation for loss of income due to forced self-isolation if the country was declared dangerous before the trip and could have been avoided.

► Residents of the country who are insured by state health funds, who are eligible for hospital care for children, this year will be able to monitor their child for five days more. Single parents – by ten.

► For the digitalization of schools, the federal government will allocate an additional 500 million euros.

► One of the main tasks of the federal and state governments is to carry out as many coronavirus tests as possible.

► The federal government and the Länder have not agreed on a single solution on the maximum number of participants can participate in family celebrations or private celebrations.

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