Germany: Face-to-face training as a cause of coronavirus outbreaks

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Health expert Karl Lauterbach believes that even if a vaccine against coronavirus appears in 2021, it is unlikely that it will be enough to vaccinate children – the audience that carries the virus most easily. Given this fact, as well as the constant increase in the number of infected people in the country, the expert calls for the introduction of two-shift training in schools during the cold season. “Face-to-face training in the fall and winter can create pockets of contamination,” he told the Rheinische Post.

Lauterbach recommends transferring to training in two shifts: the first – morning and the second, starting at noon. “This requires a simplified curriculum for the current academic year, in which, this time, some subjects may be excluded. Alternatively, they can be taught virtually. ” This system will solve the issue of overcrowded classrooms and reduce the risk of infection on the way to school, on buses and trains.

This system is also interesting in view of the fact that many parents are extremely skeptical about distance learning. This was confirmed by a poll conducted by the Civey Institute for the Study of Public Opinion on behalf of Focus Online. Seven out of ten people surveyed believe homeschooling has more disadvantages than advantages. 76 percent believe that their children are less prepared in distance education than in full-time education. Parents believe that the reason lies both in the lack of technical equipment in schools and in the incompetence of teachers.

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